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  • The Stanford Experience

    My Stanford experience summed up. Had this awesome day planned out.

    Woke up bright and early so I can explore the Stanford University campus grounds prior to all my meetings. Meeting with Stanford’s CEO Leadership Team around 10:30 AM and then meet with my friend Paul (and friends) at Stanford’s Design School later in the day. But then [...]

  • The Story Behind Pitch Night

    The story of how I heard of an event, didn’t think I’d be going, found a way to go and even managed to become a facilitator of one of the larger groups called the SoLoMo.

    The Story Behind Google’s / Startup Weekend’s #iopitch Pitch Night.So settling into SF bay area for little over a week. [...]

  • The Future is Ours; Push Humanity Forward

    There is this video floating around the web that was created by a friend I met month(s) ago travelling through San Fran.

    I met him again at this random food joint called The Melt just days ago. I wrote about running into Andy in the Pitch Night post. Andy has this cool new startup [...]

  • Adjusting Back To USA & Its Culture

    First off, Happy New Year! Being back about a week now here in USA.

    I can see and understand why many Westerners who have lived in China (or Asia) for several years would not want to move back to their home country (like USA). There are many things we Westerners take for granted while living [...]

  • Final Days in China

    I spent 7+ years in China. Leaving China was not an easy choice.

    I went from trading to manufacturing and expanded into web site and software development. I expanded my business to Philippines and built a great team of designers and programmers. I had established friends, relationships, learned to speak Mandarin language almost fluently, understood [...]

  • December Trip to Philippines

    I was suppose to post this a week ago after leaving Philippines.

    Though ever since I returned from Philippines to China. It has been crazy busy and I had no time to blog. I was busy; Closing up apartment Selling my final things Boxing up the things I will ship to USA Last minute shopping [...]

  • First Blog Post…

    I am Steven. It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

    I will try to keep my posts shorter in the future (promise). I have never blogged and I told myself I would never become one of those lame bloggers. Then again, time [...]